Felipe Valdez (Nath & Mich)

The time is coming the folks you used before are getting older and retiring.  In this line of work you meet people with common interests Felipe Valdez is one of them.  Asides from his family building what is Rancho Buenavista.  He is one hell of a fisherman.  I wouldn't just vouch for anyone but this is my go to guy fishing the East Cape and La Paz.  Contact me so I can help with your reservation process. 

Carlos "Sharluko" Peralta (Seaboy Sportfishing)

From  generations of fisherman comes Sharluko tournament winning, ambitious young man and a hell of a live bait fisherman.  You can spin your wheels in Cabo and troll your earnings away or book this guy and have a great time.  Contact me for info and I can get you a reservation.